the Monk in the Mountains

a recent re-discovery, one of the oldest tunes from the 'ol songbook, scattered in style and in general too much to deal with. 

an early attempt at a character tale, on one of the more interesting folks i'm lucky to spend time with... sometimes its splitting and stacking firewood, later it's maybe hunting crystals and expanding consciousness, and wayyyyy late perhaps listening to coast-to-coast AM radio.

oh cutthroat woman, you've really got a hold on me
i've done married you twice, here you have me lookin' at #3
your sweet dark skin, those eyes that see right through me
lips red like the pomegranates we used to grow down by the sea

    maybe in the next one we'll get a chance to see
    darling just one more dance, i thought you said you really loved me

        the man the monk of the mountains
        until the day you take me home
        with my son and my daughter
        and the woman that i still call my own

my boy was a rambling man, born to the wild and the waves
but those shadows behind him, we're always gonna pull him to his grave
so sleep sweet child, i hope i see you soon
high out of my head, when the flames took over your room
    maybe in the next one, we'll be on the right track
    you know i'd give any fucking thing, just to have you back

your curse was me and your mother, pretty little thing always left on your own
free to the demons and dreams of, this city of angels, the place we call home
i know you're somewhere out there, fighting all your battles alone
i tell you this world has a hard way, of showing a man what he's got to own

    maybe in the next one, baby i'll be there for you
    with all of my pain, i hope i've paid my dues

        the man the monk of the mountains
        until the day you take me home
        with my son and my daughter
        and the woman that i still call my own

picked up a lonely bag and hitched up the highways to the north
to the blue skies, these birds, and the magic of this earth
gonna live out the very last one of my days, living with my ghosts in this haunted old place
gonna sing with my son and dance with my daughter
listenin' to Cohen in the moonlight by the water
with my woman, my queen, the only one that i've ever loved
we'll all be together someday in the stars up above

    maybe in the next one, maybe i can be the man you really need
    baby this broken heart's got nothing left to bleed