Deep December Days

December's always an interesting month for me, filled with the challenges of long dark nights, the holidays, and endless deep/baseless powder. 

I'm tired of sitting at my work desk during the meager daylight hours. I'm tired of running through my local hills in the pitch black dark, losing all sense of space and time. I'm tired of the temptations of the holidays; shitty food and too much drinking. At least it's easy to catch a lot of sunrises and sunsets, I suppose.

The year's end provides a good time to reflect on the ever-accelerated passing of each year. What did I accomplish during these past 365 days? How have I grown personally, spiritually? Which direction will my path lead, in the next calendar year?

I sure am looking forward to finding out. Life's a trip that seems to keep getting better and better as we grow and evolve.

Happy New Year.