Big Guy Country

I'm continually amazed with the amount of terrain Montana has to offer. It's always a treat to experience somewhere new, even if it's only a couple dozen miles away from someplace familiar. 

There are a handful of mountain ranges that are very intimidating to me. Standing atop 4K' of vertical relief yields a perspective that I don't often get. The consequences of such terrain dictate a very conservative approach, especially when dealing with typical mid-winter Montana conditions. On the other hand,  a 4K' descent is a rare treat that I rarely get the chance to taste.

It's a real pleasure to tip-toe among such beautiful and rugged country - and, hopefully, to learn from the lessons the mountains offer forth. 

The 'New Year attitude' has me very thankful for such experiences, for health, and a terrific backcountry partner that enables such adventures. Cheers Dave!

Dave, contemplating the drop.