Same Place, New Experience

Made a couple trips out to the local stomping grounds this past weekend. My very first splitboard/BC outing was here, as a wide-eyed newb following along the skin track of the only friend I knew with any backcountry experience. I've made about 10-20 trips to this area every year since.

Funny to look back at that first trip, where everything was an unknown at that time; likewise, it's amazing to reflect on the progress made since that day, in so many different ways.

Every now and then I'll get a bit burnt out on this area, as the terrain is so familiar. The outings tend to feel a little repetitious and more like exercise, as opposed to the joyous feeling experienced when bouncing in and out of powdery turns.

I hit this lull earlier this year, as I again realized how much the exploration factor of splitboarding appeals to me.

But in reality, every trip is different when factoring in the ever-changing snow conditions, weather, and my own mentality during the day. 

This weekend I was reminded how simply adding in a few new individuals can dramatically change my perception.

New conversations, new personalities...  new experience.

As always, perception = reality.

I'm continually blown away with how great the backcountry community is. More often than not, the folks that make the effort to get out and enjoy the same things are of a similar mold. 

Always a pleasure to add to the tribe!

Maybe the enjoyment from this past weekend wasn't because of the new crew, and simply due to some of the best riding conditions of my season thus far, but I doubt it.