Weekends Like These

Weekends like these make it tough to return to the doldrums of 'regular' life, whatever the hell that is.

I had planned on writing about the importance of having the right crew for the right job. How everyone has a certain skill set; when combined, enabling things far greater than one can accomplish individually. The sum being greater than the parts...

Curt comes with an alpinist's background and motivations. If there were such a thing as 'BootPacker's Anonymous,' Curt would be be committed. I don't think I've ever been around someone who gets a hard-on from boot-packing/tunneling up a steep pitch of deep snow, or straddling along a vertical rock spine, such as he does. The steeper, scarier, and more savage - the sweeter. 

With rope skills that match his enthusiasm for cold, wintery pain, Curt adds a technical element to the team - something that I'm definitely lacking.

Dave has become my go-to partner throughout the past few seasons for so many reasons. We see eye-to-eye on most levels; risk, physicality, reward, motivation, the list goes on and on.

thx Curt!




He brings a heavy dose of assessment, experience, gut-feeling, and ability to the crew. Having him along opens doors that wouldn't normally get looked into. 

On top of that all, he's a great friend, the cream of the crop. Sharing these heavy backcountry experiences creates a level of connection that can't be reached in the civilized world. 

My favorite thing about spending time with these two, is the sense of sarcastic humor that's constantly spewing from our mouths. Nothing like poking a little fun at one another and keeping things light in an exposed situation.

I was going to dive deeper into each skill set and why the pieces fit so well, but a few days later those thoughts are a fading memory.

At the conclusion of such an amazing weekend, my thoughts eventually drift to the upcoming week. I tell myself that the experiences of the weekend allow me to maintain sanity throughout yet another week of uninspiring labor, being paid for time spent at my desk in the glare of a computer screen.

But inevitably, a couple days pass and here I am again - grumpily jonesing for the next adventure, the next couple of days off, the next bite of icy spindrift on my face.

Ahh yes, the proverbial "big ice cream cone in the sky!"

Readings teach me to enjoy the present, to constantly reach for that zenful state of mindfulness.

But DAMN is that hard to do! When you've experienced the feelings these backcountry adventures provide, it sure makes it difficult to enjoy anything but.

one day I'll figure out how to keep my lenses clear of moisture on a shitty day

I'd like to think that someday I'll get there. Maybe when my body is broken and I'm forced to address such things, to find happiness in other pursuits. 

Whatevs. Until then, I'll keep dreaming of past adventures and looking towards the future ones.

Thanks for the effort this weekend Dave and Curt! I had one hell of a time, some of the best couple of days I've spent on a splitboard.