The Mighty GrayWolf West

"There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games"

Ernest Hemingway

The above quote was recently sent to me by my good friend Bob. It says so much with so little.

pc: Curt

I received a text from my big brother the other day, after he saw a couple of these photos from a January attempt on GrayWolf.

"I'm so proud of you," he wrote.

He is one of the few that understands.

pc: Curt

pc: Curt

pc: Curt

He understands the level of commitment required to try to tackle such a line.

The time, the effort, the repetitions.

The risk, the exposure, the uncertainty.

The inner need to overcome mental and physical challenge.

Thank you, my big brother.

Dave and Curt on the Up, hoping for improved conditions

A line like GrayWolf West intimidates me. It's one of the only lines I've had a as 'goal' for years, simply because of it's aesthetic value.

Once you’ve seen the mountain and its west couloir, you've inevitably felt its power.

Every step towards it seems an act of defiance. Defiant towards the part of your brain that’s evolved through generations upon generations of our species – the part that identifies danger and says, ‘you’re not really going to climb that, are you?’

Yet, step-by-step, you prove yourself wrong.

You give it your best shot, comprised of all that experience and all those repetitions.

But will that best shot be enough? It wasn’t that day, as firm and icy conditions prevented a full ascent/descent.

I’m glad it didn’t happen on my first try.

I’ll continue working towards my ‘best shot.’

only an estimated 300 of these in the lower 48


curt on the up

(and a couple fun days below, spent popping pillow lines with the pooches in the Rattlesnake)

Air Maggie

Air Mag spotting her landing

Dave G.

Air Maggie again, FS3

Dave G., FS3