A handful of days days bootin' and chutin' in January, poking around one of my favorite mountain ranges. Somehow the majority of the range still flies under the radar, despite the abundance of spicy couloirs, abandoned mining buildings to explore, and hot water to soak in.

Casey on the up, thin day in the N. reaches of the range

I think it's a Tony Robbins saying, about how "you ARE your 5 best friends." As in: choose who you surround yourself with, as they help shape/dictate who we are and what we do. Surround yourself with shit people and you'll smell pretty unsavory yourself. Surround yourself with like-minded friends that inspire you and see where that leads.

Backcountry partners play such an important role; they ultimately allow you to succeed or fail. (As with everything,) the best experiences I've had in the mountains have been enabled by and shared with kindred spirits.  

Casey has been a blessing this year and I know I've found an equal in a lot of respects and a superior in many more. It's going to be a damn good day, when your only plans consist of exploring and adventuring - skiing is just the medium. I don't think I've met somebody with as much passion and motivation for the mountains. His SWMT mountain resume is as impressive as I've seen - including some lofty goals, such as summiting every 12K' peak in the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness (only 1 remaining). I'm still learning what fuels his insatiable motor, but it's sure been a pleasure doing so.

It pains me to admit it, but he's a far better split-skier than I. We've shared some of my top 10 split-ski experiences to date, filled with exposure and high-speed giggling. 

Thanks for showing me your stomping grounds Casey; looking forward to future adventures, amigo.

finding sheltered pow, 10 days after the last storm cycle

NOT finding pow

on the ticklist

no wind here


a calm moment above 10K

also on the ticklist



1 of about 12 mining cabins explored through the day

1-way skintrack leading to an underground mine?!?!?!

beautiful colors/light this day

again, LIGHT