ooooo that feeling!

8 long months spent away from splitboarding, 8 long months of convincing myself that other pursuits compared.

Running and climbing away the weeks, lounging in the drawn-out, warm and comfortable days of summer. Hours into a run, or sitting on top of a cliff face at sundown, I'd tell myself these are the experiences and feelings I'm chasing. Telling myself these activities checked all the same boxes as ripping a snowboard down an engaging couloir.

What a load of bullshit!


That feeling of my entire body keeping balance over a single edge, every fiber working in unison to maintain this balance while bouncing back and forth between turns, aggressively embracing gravity. That feeling of dancing down a narrow strip of snow enclosed by towering granite walls, not falling in a no-fall zone.

That's all it took to remind me what a beautiful passion this is. To be able to share it with the best of people... what a treat.

Looking forward to the beginning of a safe and wild winter.